I'm Doing This Ironically ....jeez
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Troyler fandom: the hummus fic is so bad omg that’s so gross

Phandom: we have a fic where Dan has a snake shoved up his ass, a fic where Dan is forced to drink blood from a dead crushed hamster and Phil’s cum out of a hat,a fic about Dan eating Phil’s peeling skin as he fucks him, and we also have a fic where Dan gets a hamster shoved up his ass.. You need to step your game up

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Fangirl challenge: [4/10] pairings » Francis Valois & Mary Stuart (Reign)

I’ll pressure you, and listen to you, and argue with you, and love you until the day I die. Together we will decide what is right, as husband and wife.

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kudos to mtv for spreading this message tho

Turn the fuck up MTV

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